"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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Squeezed in among the expectant crowd on the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia, Spain, I knew I was about to watch an explosion. I did not anticipate the teeth tingling, throat vibrating, ground shaking impact of over 200 pounds of gunpowder going off in what the tourist brochures describe as a "perfectly synchronized rhythmic symphony of noise finishing with a 20 second grand finale." The daily 2 PM explosion called Mascleta is a tradition of the city’s March Fallas Festival; a noisy, colorful nineteen day event that begins on March 1st and ends after midnight on March 19th, St Joseph's Feast Day, which is where the celebration has its more humble beginnings.
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Hanfu Lu (Street), like most of Nanjing (Jiangsu Province) holds mysteries and hidden treasures which not even the locals know about. One has to look carefully. Then there it is! The Pilu Temple, it’s one of the largest grounds in the whole of China for practicing Buddhist. The Temple was built during the Ming Dynasty. It roughly took forty-four years to build and complete (1522 – 1566).
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At its inception, Kazimierz, founded in the 14th century by King Casimir the Great, was a separate town from Krakow. It was once Krakow’s “medieval twin”. Until the outbreak of World War II, the Jewish religion and culture thrived here. It was the safe haven for Jews from every corner of Europe until the 20th century. Then, with the onset of World War II, it became the scene of Nazi devastation.
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“Stay calm and don’t look out the window!” I say to myself on the uphill bus ride from Málaga to Ronda in Spain. The remarks of some nervous tourists and the high speed of the fearless bus driver do not help. Nevertheless, I gaze in awe at the precipitous drops and cliffs on the left side of my window.
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Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean, is the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. I had arrived in San Juan for a spring break vacation accompanied by my husband and daughter. We found San Juan to be a unique island where one can not only enjoy a beach vacation but can also have a visit filled with culture, history and natural splendor.
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Rated as one of the top tourist destinations by the World Travel & Tourism Council, Kochi is a travelers’ delight. Right from the ubiquitous Chinese fishing nets, to the magical Vembanad lake to the insightful sites of Fort Kochi, the city offers a number of options to the discerning traveler that are as varied as exciting.
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Convents and monasteries have offered hospitality for centuries, providing more economical accommodation than most hotels. Italy especially has a plethora of choices. The vast majority accept guests of both sexes, married or single, of any denomination – although some still pose a nightly curfew.
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Rebetiko music had not been on our radar when we stopped in Hydra during our month-long meander through the Greek Islands. Rather we had aimed for Hydra because we were on a quest for 1) great walks, and 2) the Canadian songwriter laureate, Leonard Cohen (or at least, a glimpse into the reason he had chosen Hydra as a writer's haven).
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It is called Yorkshire’s Jurassic Coast, due to the high amount of fossils found in the area. Ammonites that lived 200 million years ago are commonly found, and occasionally the bones of marine reptiles from that era. Human artefacts have been found in the area from about 9,000 years ago.
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The British Virgin Islands are home to a mystifying geological wonder commonly referred to as “The Baths”. Framing the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean along a pristine, white sandy beach, the Baths invariably evoke an astonishing, jaw-dropping reaction from all who visit this grand feat of Mother Nature.
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As you fly into Johannesburg you would expect to see the wild game from the runway. A safari or multiple safaris are a must when travelling to SA. The “Big Five” are the dream citing for anyone visiting South Africa. The Big Five are the Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lion, Elephant, and the Leopard that is interchanged with the Cheetah by some.
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