"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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Recently, I traveled to Fort Yargo State Park to meet some members of the Fort Yargo Living History Society, a group of volunteers who are dedicated to using period tools, clothing, and techniques to give visitors a peek at Georgia frontier life in the 1790s. They strive for accuracy, and they mean it.
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On the first Friday of December the whole town of Anacortes comes together for the annual Christmas tree lighting. The streets are lit up in bright white lights. Every shop window is fully decorated with beautiful holiday displays. The streets are closed down for this special event as community members are encouraged to stroll from store to store.
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Andersonville, a former Prisoner of War site for Union soldiers, currently sits on Highway 49, almost in the middle of nowhere. The park operates the National Prisoner of War Museum, a unique and fascinating place that is designed to resemble a prison itself.
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As I was standing on top of the Acropolis, the tallest building in Ek Balam, my first thought was "I stood on top of this when it was just a pile of rocks, covered with vegetation".I really enjoyed talking about my older adventures at the same site, when it was just rubble.
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A friend and I set off on a weekend road trip across the US border from Vancouver BC to visit some historic locations in Washington State. Our fun-filled road trip lasted four days and every moment of it was a special delight. If you are visiting the Pacific Northwest it’s worth taking the trip.
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Driving north from Palma on the MA13, towards the Castello d’Alaro, the Tramantuna mountain range instantly alters any preconceptions tourists have of this island of Mallorca. The surrounding rural countryside is frequented, for the most part, only by intrepid cyclists practicing for La Tour.
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This little Western European country surely packs a punch. It is a country with a long and rich history, with cities dating from Roman times, ancient battlefields and a phenomenal cuisine. The country’s most well-known export products all have to do with food: waffles, beer and chocolate.
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We crested the knoll and were rewarded. Below us ran drift-wood artistry crafted along the tanned body of a broad beach welcoming the incoming tide. Not a soul in sight. Welcome to Savary Island; originally named “Ayhus” by the Sliammon (Tla'amin) First Nation people, meaning double-headed serpent.
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