"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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What faithfully happens, as summer turns to autumn in Tuscany, is that people come down with a pernicious fever - let’s call it ‘acute funghiosis’ - which causes a delirious devotion to truffles. Truffles are discussed with the same intensity and fervor usually reserved for Plato.
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I’ll admit to not recognizing the structure of a giant penis on a commercial building at first, thinking it was some elaborate design that I just didn’t get. Initially, I was somewhat taken aback by the penile projectile, but then I began to philosophically contemplate why decorated penises adorned many buildings and homes.
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The ongoing transformation of Albania and Kosovo means several ‘quirks’ are set to disappear. Visit now! As well as these attractions, you’ll enjoy fascinating histories, a liberal Islam rarely communicated to the West, and people delighted to welcome you into their country.
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The sightseeing and culinary temptations afforded there take second place behind the opportunities to really connect with some of Spain’s populace thanks to the Madrid-based language training firm Diverbo. Spaniards who want to learn to become more fluent in English come together with English speakers.
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When we arrived, I told the tour guide that I would now make my own way and meet the coach in time for the return trip. “Where do you want to go?” he asked, apparently a bit miffed. But I had something else in mind. “I want to go to Sacromonte, visit the caves and follow the roots of Flamenco,`I replied. “Tourist traps,” `he sniffed,” and anyway the performances are only at night”. Little did he know what I found.
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A winter holiday to the beautiful island of Barbados is always a joy - a chance to escape from the humdrum of our everyday routines and those never-ending mundane hours in the office. But don’t be too surprised to find a home from home waiting for you in the sun! Apart from the weather Barbados has a few similarities to Britain.
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As I rode in the back of a van through the crazed highways of Cairo, Egypt in complete wonderment at the abandonment of all traffic laws, the first thing I truly noticed was the Citadel and the twin minarets of the Muhammad Ali Mosque that loomed over the city and the Nile River to the west. It is an edifice that confronts you even from miles away.
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A city almost entirely wiped out in the space of a few seconds ... 68 years on, the tireless efforts and tenacity of its citizens mean that modern-day Hiroshima is a booming region of art, culture, economics and government. Despite its dark legacy, here we present you with a city that’s harbouring much more than the ghosts of the past.
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