"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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Using your car as a time machine, travel 200,000 years into the past when you drive along the Mediterranean Coast of Israel between Haifa and Tel Aviv. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the religious and political tensions in the Middle East seem so far away as you pass through some of the most rugged and photogenic scenery in the country. There is history to be discovered but not all of it is connected to religion. In fact some of it even conflicts with our religious texts. Your first stop is Nahal Me’arot and the year is 200,000 BCE. Here you meet three different hominid species and discover five different hunter-gatherer cultures, each distinguished by technological advances in the tools they used.
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As the location of a Royal Navy naval base Portsmouth has a fascinating maritime heritage. There visitors can visit the Historic Dockyard, at Queen Street, which includes a variety of naval museums such as the National Museum Royal Navy Portsmouth. The museum documents the rich history of the Royal Navy from the age of sail, to the world wars and up to more recent conflicts in the Gulf.
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What do dancing young people, senior sojourners, and Pope Francis have in common? The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Italy. On June 4, 2015, Pope Francis visited Santa Maria Maggiore to celebrate the annual Solemnity of Corpus Christy. Our hotel provides an excellent vantage point for this festival held each year on the Basilica steps.
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Because of the great distances between communities in rural western Manitoba, our priest couldn't attend each village for Midnight Mass. I remember when I was 10 years old it was his turn to come to our village. That evening we got ready and dressed warm with our home made clothes, woolen coats, hats and mittens and brought wool blankets to cover and keep us warm for the sleigh ride to church.
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Our hearts were set on introducing our fellow travelers to the spectacular Na Pali Coast, globally renowned for its rugged, breathtaking grandeur, secluded beaches, rainbow waterfalls and, yes, challenging, daunting hikes. Three days of heavy rains and flooding foiled our plans. Steep treacherous cliffs and slick trails make for heart failing excitement, but, not the kind of excitement we were looking for.
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It’s almost the end of another year. How will you celebrate New Year's Eve? Here are some of the ways that they celebrate in countries around the world, from Scotland, Brazil and Greece to New Zealand, Hong Kong and Ecuador. However you choose to celebrate, may the New Year bring you happiness and good fortune.
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It was another delightful walk through historic buildings, on a bright sunny day. I’d set off that morning, my last full day in the city, to hike in Helsinki’s Central Park, north-west from where I was staying, after I’d already walked in the other regions of Finland’s capital in the previous two days of my visit.
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A postclassic Maya temple in Cancún looks to the south, across a road full of microbuses and hot red cars with inebriated passengers, across a golf course, across a line of trees, into a secluded cluster of ruins called El Rey.
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The city of Agra in North India is synonymous with the Taj Mahal, the apogee of Mughal architecture in India. On a recent trip to New Delhi, we decided to visit this wonder of the world. I had visited the Taj once before years ago and now I wanted my daughter to experience it.
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When people think of Miami, they picture sunny beaches, vibrant nightlife, art deco, and authentic Cuban food. But they often miss the chance to visit one of the country's most historical mansions and example of Italian Renaissance style: Villa Vizcaya, described as "the finest private house ever built in America."
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Travelling through Tuscany in autumn, you are bound to spot olive groves alive with activity as nets are spread out under the trees and olive pickers gather in La Raccolta (Harvest). This yearly event is an ancient tradition and methods have changed little over the centuries.
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