"Setting out on the voyage to Ithaca you must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences."
- Constantine Peter Cavafy "Ithaca"
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Some 700 hundred years ago an anonymous author wrote: “To be in Paris, is to be.” How apt those words were, I thought, as I strolled along the streets of Paris early one morning some months ago. My goal was to explore the two beautiful gems lying in the River Seine – the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint-Louis. My first stop was the Ile de la Cité. This island, and it smaller sister, the Ile Saint-Louis, are the two boat-shaped islands lying in the Seine, connected to each other via the Pont St. Louis. The Ile de la Cité is considered to be the heart of Paris and the original settlement of the Parisi, the boat people, a Celtic tribe who settled on the island from the 3rd century B.C. The settlement was connected to both the left and right banks of the Seine by wooden bridges, which were later burnt by the Parisi during the Gallic Wars. The Bridges, however, were soon rebuilt and the town walled and enlarged by the victorious Romans.
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I have been inexplicably drawn to its music and culture of New Orleans for most of my adult life. It’s a fascinating city, full of contradictions such as the enthusiastic celebrations of God and Satan that surround you all the time. It was so jam-packed with colourful characters and unforgettable oddities that it was impossible to see enough.
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A part of the world's collective fantasy, Samarkand has always glittered somewhere in the far distance. The magical Silk Road city all the world came to, yet distant enough to have something of the mythical about it. Despite modern transport the city still entices with the allure of the great city.
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Present day visitors to Sea of Galilee will discover “traditional” locations for some of Jesus’ miracles. Early Christian pilgrims selected these sites with little more than faith. Unfortunately no archeology is available from Jesus’ time to confirm the locations that were selected.
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I had heard next to nothing about South Korea’s coastline. I was surprised to find that it was beautiful and rugged, and even more surprised to find along that coastline a park filled with statues of penises. Not just a few penises, but lots and lots of penises.
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“There it is! I see it” The atmosphere became tenser. I looked at our guide, he was quiet too. (We were sitting here with our guide with the intention of spotting a Tiger) He pointed towards the trees and bushes across the lake and said “yes, looks like he is planning to charge and make a kill”.
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Along with a small group of other travelers I board a cruise ship at Aswan, Egypt to sail down the Nile on an adventure that will take me to visit various archaeological sites. For me this journey is like a dream come true. Here I am on the deck of a cruise ship, sailing down the mighty Nile River.
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We depart early for our four-hour river journey from Guilin to Yangshuo. Tourist vans and buses fill the adjacent parking lot. Hundreds line up for tickets. A fleet of boats nestled in the harbour braces for the throngs. Once aboard, we navigate towards the front of the two-level boat where others gather, cameras clicking.
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“This place has the feeling of power,” says archaeologist Mark Eddowes at a rectangular terrace enclosed by stone walls. We are on a wooded hillside overlooking the bay where Captain James Cook arrived at the island of Moorea in 1774. Eddowes has been excavating and restoring ancient sites like these, called marae, for many years.
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Horrors more evil than The White Witch and her army of beasts lurk beneath the stones of this ancient town which were only unearthed relatively recently. In 1979, a group of young potholers began to explore a crevice in the ruins of an abandoned convent. The friends were astonished to discover an underground grotto containing a well-preserved 13th century church.
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Cairo is the largest city in the Middle East. Of course there are areas of the city that look run-down. There are other more affluent suburbs of the city. Cairo’s modern ‘downtown’ is on the east bank of the Nile. It was built under the influence of French architects and there are many beautiful mosques as well as Coptic sights to see there.
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“Busiest float plane airport in North America” Captain Bob proclaimed as we watched a Harbour Air float plane whine its way to a graceful takeoff and bend its nose to the sky. And busy is an apt word to describe Victoria, B.C.'s inner harbour, especially as viewed from the belly of a many-windowed ferry operated by Victoria Harbour Ferry.
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My greatest and simplest joy while living in Prague was undoubtedly the frequent walks I took, meandering aimlessly down forgotten cobblestoned streets, pausing to sit beneath the unparalleled charm of some of the best-preserved architecture in the world. I felt as though somebody had stolen my daydreams of what a Gothic fairytale would look like, and turned it into a city in the Czech Republic.
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